Hand Written Kundali

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Teenage Horoscope

This is very important horoscope for your child. Although, It is a compact model which gives Birth-Chart, Planetary degrees, Moon Chart, Chalit chart ,Navamsa Chart, Dasamamsa Chart, Sarvashtakvarga, Vimshottari Dasha and Yogini Dasha.

Education and Suggestion

This special section has been made for adolescent boys, in which the choice of the direction of best education for children, measures for dedication and concentration in education, etc. are mentioned. It can be called like nectar for your children.

Educational Horoscope

This chart will proved pivote of the life of your child. This includes all the astrological chart with their meaning and results. Many children repent for whole life due to wrong selection of education. According to their planetary position, the choice of the best education for the child is predicted by taking into account all the parameters.

Simple Horoscope

This horoscope contains Calculation of Birth Chart, Moon Chart, Navamansh, Chalit, Nirayan Bhav Chalit Basic important charts to get an idea about the strength of horoscope Sudarshan Chakra which Represents the comparative positions of the planets in the Sun, Moon and Lagna charts. Karak, Awastha, Rashmi Signification & power of planets. The complete description of the next 5 years of the yearly horoscope, including the predictions and remedies of the next 10 years of the Vimshottari Mahadasha, the yogic position, the meaning of Rashmi and the power of the planets.

Premium horoscope

In addition to the calculations described in the simple horoscope, you will get detailed information about the prediction of your future for the next 21 years. Vedic and scientific measures will also be suggested to achieve success and easy necessary remedial measures.

Special horoscope

Apart from all the astrological calculations given in the premium horoscope, detailed predictions of the future 32 years will be included. Vedic and scientific measures of success will also be suggested and easy necessary remedial measures.