Yearly Chart Predication


Just as, in Indian astrology, the planetary position at the time of birth is observed to know each and every event from birth to death. in the same way yearly horoscope is used to know the full fruits of a particular year. The yearly horoscope is basically constructed according to the position of the Sun at the time of birth. According to the belief of astrology, the year entry of any person is considered when the degree of the Sun in the relevant year is equal to the degree of the Sun at the time of birth. It is also called Dhruvank. The method used to know the whole year fruits from the Varshfal is known as Tajik.
In today's environment, the importance of the yearly horoscope can be said to be immense. According to the good time to be obtained as per the yearly horoscope, where the Native can plan and execute the work done in the year, he can try to avoid it by knowing the negative time.
With the yearly horoscope created by Astro Terminal, you can not only get the detailed results of the entire year, but you can learn the following specific fruits by moving away from the common practice

  • Physical condition
  • Mental state
  • Varshesh Results
  • Muntha Results
  • Dasha Results
  • Saham Results
  • Tajik Yoga Results --- etc.

Special- Based on the yearly report provided by Astro Terminal, you can plan your yearly and monthly scheduled work timely and can executed successfully. Our expert team wishes you success and also expects valuable suggestions from you.