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As explained by Guru Ji himself

Why we created this App?

Apart from Indian astrology, there is no such science in the world which paves the way to make life successful by fulfilling your physical, mental and spiritual level. It is a matter of great misfortune that in the absence of education, we could not understand this great science of public welfare given by our sages and could understand it only as a medium of prediction. Due to illiteracy towards astrology, today, where so-called astrologers are creating various ways of raising money by spreading various misconceptions, the original soul of this scripture is also almost reaching the verge of ending. Keeping in view the above conditions, serious efforts are being made by Astro Terminal to restore the values of Indian astrology. In this sequence, along with making astrology accessible to the masses in a very easy and scientific manner, serious efforts are being made to eliminate the misconceptions spread in the society. You can easily judge it by looking at each and every product prepared by Astro Terminal.

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