Detailed Kundali


The supreme science like astrology was created by Indian sages to fulfill the physical, mental and spiritual level of life. In fact, the real mirror of the destiny of every living soul is called "Kundali" or "Horoscope".

Astrology is the best science to make life successful in every field by establishing the necessary coordination between the planets controlling one's karma and destiny through Janmang or Kundali.

In today's environment, when every person is almost forgetting his basic duties and values ​​of life in the race to get worldly happiness, in such a way, astrology is the only way to give him the Veda path or real life, which will help him physically, mentally and spiritually. By providing energy, one can attract towards humanity.

Indian astrology is not based on mere bookish knowledge but is based on the purity of your conscience which can be called spirituality. Therefore, it is impossible to know astrology without spiritual practice in addition to the knowledge of the book.

Benefits of Kundali

All the scriptures of the world provide you the way to solve problems only after illness or crisis, but astrology is the only science that provides information before problems arise and provides a way to avoid them. That is why Indian mystics gave the title of "Davigya (Oracle)" to the astrologer. Knowing the good times through your horoscope, you can achieve the goal of life by working with full energy, you can also avoid trouble by identifying the bad times in advance and adopting the way to avoid them.