Detailed Sadhesati

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Astroterminal is the only astrological app in the world that calculates the date and time of the start and end of the Sadhesati or Dhaiyya of a particular person.

It is often seen that with the change of the zodiac sign of Saturn, people of the respective zodiac assume that their Sadhesati or Dhaiya are about to begin or end. While this is completely against the truth. The beginning and end of Sade Sati for all is never on the same day and time, but it depends on the position of the Moon in the birth period.

Due to not knowing the actual time of start and end of Sadhesati or Dhaiyya, the native starts worshiping with fear and stop worshiping without even ending it.
Due to lack of knowledge of the actual negative timing of Shani's Sadhesati, he is unable to take necessary measures even after full competence and is compelled to suffer misery, failure, humiliation, accident, wealth, traveling from floor to floor, the family tribulation etc. it happens.

Astroterminal realized this shortcoming and after serious researches became successful in calculating the most precise calculation of the date and time of the beginning, middle and end of the actual Sadhesati of a particular person.
Through this, you will not only be able to get acquainted with the real time of your half-century and dhaiya, but accordingly by taking precautions, not only will you be able to avoid its negativity, but by being energetic in its yogic state, you will be able to achieve your goal.