Kaal Sarp Dosh

kaal sarp dosh

In today's environment, there is hardly any person who is inclined towards astrology, who does not know about Kaal-Sarp Yoga. The list of difficulties arising due to the birth of this yoga is perhaps the biggest. So it is necessary that we first know what exactly it is?
According to the prevailing definition - when all the planets in the horoscope come between Rahu and Ketu or all the planets are situated on one side of Rahu and Ketu then this yoga is formed.
It is believed that the auspiciousness of all the planets ends due to the presence of this yoga. Due to which the good yoga present in the birthplace of the person becomes fruitless and the person is compelled to lead a miserable life Unless the Kavach, locket, yantra etc. are worn after performing the Shanti Puja of Kalsarp Yog.
When all the planets fall between Rahu and Ketu, it is called a complete Kaalsarp Yog and when lesser planets are placed between Rahu and Ketu, then it is called Partial Kaalsarp Yog. In summary, this destructive yoga is found in almost every horoscope.
This yoga is obtained as a result of the sinful deeds of the previous birth. As a result of which the person is never able to get results according to the hard work, there is always a problem in health. When one disease ends, another disease begins. Even in studies, good results are not obtained, even after hard work, the expected result is not obtained, even after hard work, unemployment does not leave the chase, marriage does not take place, even if it happens, the relationship with the wife cannot be maintained, There is also a lot of problem in having children etc.
In summary, astrologers have told the root of all the problems of life to Kaal Sarp Yog. The situation has become such that there is no need for these astrologers to think or say anything else. As soon as you have mentioned any problem, the astrologer will mention the problem called Kalsarp Yog.
Astroterminal tried to bring the real condition of this yoga and to convey the basic spirit of astrology to the masses on the basis of the historical book \"Kaal-Sarp Yog Ka Pakhand\" written by Pandit Rajesh Tiwari after serious research done on this prevalent yoga.