Isht dev


Describing isht dev or presiding deity is like giving definition to love or ecstasy. However, according to my opinion isht dev is the one who can vibrate your conscience through remembrance, meditation, vision and worship. Whose mere experience of presence can give you undefined bliss. In fact, the isht dev is the one who can provide perfection to your physical, mental and spiritual level. Just as Indian astrology helps you in reaching your goal by presenting the right map of your life, in the same way, isht dev is not only helpful in giving your life's purpose, goals, success etc but also If you have made the right choice in choosing your isht dev then you will definitely achieve your goal. It proves to be the ultimate help in fulfilling spiritual or earthly aim in life. In fact, isht dev is your only mother, father, teacher or friend to whom you can consider as your 'Sarveshwar' and believe more than yourself and make the journey of life easy.

It is your isht dev who is present without even invitation in each of your sorrow or happiness. Just as lover is incomplete without his girlfriend, in the same way, without whom you feel incomplete in your journey of life is your Isht dev.

Here it should be kept in mind that it is not very easy to choose the isht dev or presiding deity, who has a unique importance in life. Neither we can choose our isht dev only on the basis of presence of planet in 'pancham' and 'navam' bhav of our birth chart nor we can feel happy that we have made the choice of our isht dev on the basis of spritual or dynamic planet of our birth chart. You should think that how you choose your life partner. Before choosing a life partner, everyone always tries to analyse the physical, emotional and the spiritual traits of the individual. There are many methods mentioned for the choice of life partner in the Shashtras. So, is it possible we can choose our Sarveshwara or Isht dev only on the basis of pancham and navam bhav of the planet in our birth chart? The answer will surely be 'NO'. This could not be the complete method of choosing of our isht dev. There is no doubt that God is one. But this is exactly as we all are human beings, but of different categories. Here one thing should keep in mind that process of choosing your isht dev is tougher than choosing the life partner. For the first time in the world, after intensive research of shashtras and study of thousands of janmang, Astrosut came to these conclusions:

  • The 'Pancham Bhav' of the 'Janam Kundali' mentions the deeds of past birth while the 'navam bhav', which is also termed as 'bhagya bhav', defines good work. But it is not enough to determine the isht dev. first it is necessary to give consideration to D-5 and D-9 in the kundali.

  • In the birth chart the dwadash bhav is supposed to provide salvation or end of all tasks. Therefore, the path of religion is called moksha. Thus, in determining the isht dev or presiding deity, we cannot ignore the dwadash bhav. Therefore, it is necessary to consider the dwadash bhav of the birth chart.

  • At the time of the birth, Moon, which is the master of the mind, determines what can be a pleasant path for you according to your mood. It shows where you can find stability or enjoyment. Thus, it is also necessary to consider the status of moon.

  • Saptchakra is basically a representative of seven planets in your body. So, while choosing your isht dev, you must give a thought which chakra will provide you much needed intend or which chakra is more active in saptachakras.

  • We all know that Sattva, Rajas and Tamas have all three qualities in us. Without harmonizing these three qualities, the determination of the isht dev certainly cannot be said to be successful in reaching the goal.

  • The path told by Maharishi Jaimini would certainly be termed helpful. Best results could be seen after the selection of aatmkarak grah and the determination of isht dev on the above-mentioned parameters.