Kundali Matching


As is clear from the name itself, the panchang (almanac) consists of five components. The one who displays the Tithi, Day, Constellation, Yoga and Karan is called Panchang. In fact if we consider its usefulness, it can be defined in simple language as -

The mantra for accomplishing work by executing specific energy inside a person at a specific time is called panchang (almanac).

Although it has been used in every Ritual like --conception (garbh dharan), christening (naamkaran), mundan, yajnopaveet, marriage, yitual, yajna, travel, examination and interview etc. of life. It is a fact of life that every person's mental position or the energy inside it depends on time.

Therefore, if we use the energy generated from our planetary position in accordance with the almanac (panchang) at a favorable time, then the chances of success increase. Therefore, seeing its importance, AstroTerminal is putting great effort to make it available in a comfortable and useful form. Attention:-For your ease, the "Shiva Vas" necessary for Rudrabhishek and other rituals of Lord Shiva has been mentioned separately according to the position of the Lord and the auspiciousness of the time.Panchang (almanac) is totally based on Indian Astrological theory.