Gem Consultancy


In practical life, it is mostly seen that astrologers consider their responsibility to be completed by giving suggestion of wearing the gemstone of the planet related to the Kendra or the owner of the Trikona.

Although it is generally correct to wear a gem of the lord of the Kendra or Trikona, but if a planet has an exalted or more powerful state, there is a condition of opposite transit and mahadasha or antardasha, then the gem starts acting as a poison.

In this situation, most of the people complain that since they have worn Blue Sapphire, Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj), Ruby etc., they have become physically, mentally and financially weak. In such a situation, where astrology, astrologers are defamed , the same person may get mental pain as well as huge financial loss.

In view of the above situation, Astro Terminal App recommends wearing gemstones after a thorough study of your entire horoscope and at the same time, the strength of planets etc. is also taken care of in the determination of weight.

The following facts are definitely considered before giving gems advice-:

  • The imbalance of the planets between the karaka (Yogic) and non-karaka( non- Yogic) planets.
  • The consideration of ​​strength of every planets at the scale of Saptbargaj force.
  • Study of strength of planets in Shadbal, study of running or upcoming dasha, study of elements necessary to create balance between planets, etc.

Period of wearing a gemstone.
To take the best advantage of the gemstone, make sure that which gemstone can be worn forever and which gems have to be worn for a certain time only?

Special- Even if you do not know the time of your birth, with the help of numerology, Astro Terminal provides you the advice of the right gemstone.For this you can contact on given number +91-8470954642.