Rudraksha is said to be the fruit of an extremely useful and extremely revered tree. Numerous stories of its origin are available in Indian scriptures but almost everyone concludes that it is originated from the tears of God Shankar. By wearing it, the negative energy inside the person is eliminated and by attaining positive energy, the person reaches his goal.

Rudraksha is definitely a unique boon given by Lord Shiva to the man kind. If after studying a person's horoscope, it becomes known which Rudraksha is useful for him, then it does the work of nectar. There are various benefits of Rudraksha of which few are mentioned here

  • By eliminating negative energy, it creates positive energy inside the person which makes him cheerful.
  • It reduces the negative impact of any planet.
  • It has been said to play a very important role in reducing the negative effects of the sinful planet and strengthening the auspicious planet.
  • Students taking part in competitive examinations and students who does not wish to study, can get very beneficial results if they consider appropriate lore of horoscope and wear appropriate Rudraksha.
  • Wearing proper Rudraksha according to horoscope can prevent accident, depression and premature death.
  • In the case of Pitra Dosh, if the right mantra is used by choosing the appropriate Rudraksha, then the defect can definitely be eliminated.
  • Every householder will be able to achieve quick attainment by chanting mantra on Rudraksha suitable for himself.
  • It mainly ends the negative impact of planets such as Rahu, Saturn and Ketu.
  • It makes a person lucky. It ends the delay in accomplishing any work due to the influence of any opposite planet.
  • People suffering with hypertension should wear it as it could be controlling the high blood pressure.
  • If a boy or a girl is not getting married due to the opposite planetary position, chanting of mantra on Rudraksha will be is useful for them.
  • Chanting of one garland of miniature Mrityunjaya or Mahamrityunjaya by choosing the appropriate Rudraksha could create a new ray of hope in life for those people who have repeated feeling of suicides or the feeling of not having anything left in life.

Rudraksha Wearing Procedure

Before wearing Rudraksha, it is necessary to purify and ablaze with the mantra of Lord Shiva. Although the methods of purity and wearing are many, the best method is being described. First of all, Rudraksha should be bathed with Ganges water, raw milk, curd, honey and sugar candy, then after bathing with Ganges water, purify it. After bathing, dry the rudraksh with a clean cloth and offer it to the Shiva lingam or idol of Lord Shiva located in the house and do this meditation O Mahadev, bless this Prasad received by your grace.

Finally, chant 11 beads of mantra (Mantra mentioned in the related Rudraksha) for you and perform aarti to Lord Shiva. After the Aarti is completed, while looking towards east wear the Rudraksha, while chanting Shiv mantra in mind. After that, touch the feet of all the elders present in the house.


The entire process from Rudraksha bath to Mantra Worship should definitely be done on the day of "Shivvas". Special care has been taken for Shiva devotees in the Panchang prepared by Astro Terminal. As a result, the daily "Shivas" for the rituals or Rudrabhishek of Lord Shiva is mentioned in the Panchang.